EC Day 2017 – bike-hike-canoe exploration trip “Ride to the Wild across the Border”

Event date: 
21.09.2017 11:00 to 17:30

For the sixth consecutive year in September 2017 the European Cooperation Day /ECD/ will be celebrated across Europe and in neighbouring countries. The aim of the campaign which is coordinated by the INTERACT Programme in association with the European Commission, and supported by the Committee of the Regions and the European Parliament, is to celebrate the achievements of cooperation between European regions and countries.

The Event of the Interreg – IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey Programme will take place on 21 September 2017 in under the motto “Ride to the Wild across the Border”. The goal of this year’s event is to celebrate the benefits of working together across borders and to promote to the general public the main priorities of the Programme: Environmental protection and Sustainable tourism. The location is a village by the sea named Kiyikoy, Republic of Turkey – popular for its natural beauties – sandy beaches, clean sea, two rivers and untouched forest.

The core of the event is to reach the natural, cultural and historical sites of the village “riding” the most environmentally friendly mode of transport: bicycles, canoes and walking. The participants will make photos and video spots during all the activities and the most beautiful images will be published for a contest organised on the Facebook page of the Programme. The best shots will be awarded.

The participants from the cross border region between Bulgaria and Turkey will visit the place, where the Ministry for European Union Affairs in Turkey (National Authority of the Programme) in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria (Managing Authority) with the support of the Joint Secretariat-Haskovo and Antenna office in Edirne will organize the all day activities (cultural, sports and culinary).

Representatives of local authorities, journalists, beneficiaries of the programme and residents from the Cross-border region including the districts of Burgas, Yambol and Haskovo in Republic of Bulgaria and the provinces Edirne and Kırklareli in the Republic of Turkey are invited to take part in the event.


Imagine the Cooperation like a beautiful journey in Tandem and enjoy it with us!


We expect you in Kiyikoy on 21 September!

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