Training on Beneficiary Portal


Two practical training on the Beneficiary portal will be conducted for Turkish beneficiaries in Edirne and Kırklareli. One of the trainings will be held on 11 May 2017 in Edirne National Education Meriç Hall and the other training will be held on 12 May 2017 in Kırklareli Anatolian High School Computer Hall. The events will be organized by the Joint Secretariat Edirne branch with the support of National Authority and Managing Authority of the INTERREG - IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Bulgaria – Turkey.

The management team representatives of Turkish partners under the First Call for proposals of the Programme will be acquainted with the main topics related to insertion of data in the Beneficiary portal.

For each project, only one representative can attend to the training.

The agenda of the training to be held in Edirne is available here.

The agenda of the training to be held in Kırklareli is available here.

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