The Association for Promoting Edirne and Tourism of Edirne (ETT-DER)

Information about the organisation: 
Association for Promoting Edirne and Tourism was established in 1962 in Edirne. Association is a non-governmental organization. When we look at the history of the region ,firstly Trak community settled then Roman empire used as a fortress, and secondly was capital city of the Ottoman Empire for almost 100 years. It is the city that has hosted many historical monuments, cultural and tourism value. Meric, Tunca and Arda rivers are the junction of the border of Bulgaria and Greece being the city with a value of tourism as a very important geographical and natural highlights. Association for Promoting Edirne and Tourism , as an international platform, aims to work towards the introducing Edirne and protecting tourism items. It aims to approach to the standards in accommodation in Tourism industry, food and beverage services, training, seminars and working groups. It especially produces both printed and online documents needed to Introduce Edirne. ETTD carries out cooperation on international projects to convey tourism values of the region to the international fields ETTD, as the oldest civil society of the city and Turkey, will contribute to tourism in Europe too. Kırkpınar oil wrestling which has historical, natural values ;years of tradition is certified as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.There is need of introducing and protecting monuments such as Selimiye Mosque ,With cultural events Kakava UNESCO, distinguised as World heritage monuments In this sense, a functional structure with ETTD will continue to provide much more effective contribution to sustainable tourism sector. Association for Promoting Edirne and Tourism fields of study are; Edirne, cultural, natural, historical values, and introduce Personal development training for working in tourism, language courses, vocational training for adults. Tourism co-operation with educational institutions providing education. Participation and cooperation of national and international fairs For the development of regional tourism seminars, conferences, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitions. Promote cross-border activities and projects for sustainable tourism
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