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BIONETWORK ASSOCIATION is a young organization, which works actively in the field of promotion of healthy living and health enhancing physical activity. We're researching and adapting good European practices relevant to healthy living, environmental protection, education and training, tourism, sport and healthcare. Main projects so far: - National campaign “BULGARIA PLAYS” (own registered trade mark)– organization of family games for raising awareness about health enhancing physical activities in the family, active living and healthy eating for a healthy way of life. - Partner in a project “EUROPE OF THE FUTURE - UNITED AND MULTIFACETED”, funded by the Europe for citizens Program - FLORA in movement - a project for creating mobile gardens in urban environment with the help of young people
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Short description of the project idea: 
Creating of a Culinary neighborhood network. The project aims at creating a transnational route within the partner areas in Turkey and Bulgaria keeping a strong shared value on Balkan gastronomy. Starting from a product that is common for the 2 territories, the project aims at creating transnational cultural/culinary itineraries related to the cultural traditions and gastronomy of rural villages in the regions.