Dr.Sadık Ahmet Vocational and Techinacal Anatolian High Scholl (Tourism )

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Edirne is a five border touristic city which is on the border with Bulgaria and Greece.It has a big touristic potential.Edirne is hosted various civilizations for many years as thge capital of thr Ottoman Empire and Roman Empire .Thats why ıt tas a charm tourist potential.at the same time it is the junction of three major rivers such as Tunca,Meriç,Arda and it is just one hundred –twenty kilometres away from Saroz Gulf.Edirne has the Selimiye MosqueWhich is accepted Word Cultural Heritage .And also Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Ceromony is held here every year.Edirne is known one of the ten brand cities which is located in the world’s 6th largest tourism sector in Turkey’s 2023 torism strategy.In such town our school named Tourism high school founded in 2002 .Our school aims to educate qualified staff in the field of food and beverage services.After four years traıning and education our students start their career.After students graduate , they can also open a workplace with the workplace opening documents and their diplomas.Our school has four sections. These are sevice ,kitchen, pastry and bar sections.Also German And English is taught as a second language.Graduate students work in the hotels or restaurants as a Professional staff, cook pastry cheff ,barman ..etc.after they have finished their training.Studets who continue their education at the school do an internship outside of the city or in the city during the summer period.And also they are given a minumum salary as a compensation for their work.After they graduate ,students can contınue their education in the universities without university entrance exams if they want or if they choose to study and be successful in their field ,they study the unıversity exam and win so they study in the four years unıversities .So they go on their careers in the universities.or they study abroad. We have conducted our first Project with the Vocational School for Food Tecnologies and Tourism in Yambol Bulgaria.It has taken for 12 moths.As a crossborder projects within the frame work of small scale Project named ‘Exchance of Schools Practices in Tourism’’ has been conducted for 12 months with the vocational school for food Tecnologies and tourism in Yambol,Bulgaria Initiative/Programme EU LLP Grundtvig Partnership Project title and reference number Outdoor ICT /2011-1-HU1-GRU06-03650-10 Short description including project objectives and activities (max. 500 characters) European Union Training and lifelong Learning Culture Grundtwig in Adult Education Partnership Project took place between the years 2011-2013. In our projects Adult Eduvation İnstitutions in Italy,Spain,Potuqual,Austriaand France took part and lasted for two years. Meetings and activities were carried out with the teachers and students in all countries. The purpose of the technology is called ‘’ Adult In Information and Communication Tecnnologies’’. Aging in theinformation society ,adult education,health carte measures the knowledge of the projects partners in the ICT field and offeres tips on how to give vthem the opputunity to study . By using these tools people above 45 years of age ensure their education. And so in these people in the group has an oppurtinity of sharing their experiences and feelings and sufficient or in sufficient information. Initiative/Programme EU European Neighbourhood & Partnership Instrument (ENPI 2007-2013 ) Black Sea Cultural Animation Program Project title and reference number “Black Sea Cultural Animation Program: Pilot model for mobilizing the common cultural characteristics for creative destination management in the Black Sea Basin” ( TR07C1.01-02/26(BS CAP ) Short description including project objectives and activities (max. 500 characters) EU Europen Neighboorhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI2007-2013)Blacksea Cultural Animation Program that was granted with the first request for proposal was copleted with the cooboration of Bulgaria,Hungry,Turkey,Georgia,and Armenia in 2012-2014. In the Project ,the activities taht are abour trevealing cultural heritage in Black Seaare done during 18 monts. In Edirne ,Partnership meetins were held in the coordination of Edirne National Education Directorate. In these meetings , reports of cultural heritage and current tourism policies,cds,and brochures are prepared. The activities ,such as cultural festival for five days , summer training camp in Bulgaria for 15 days,distance education programme in Edirne for 5 days are done.And also meetings are held with partnerships in Edirnw,Yereoan, Tibilisi ,Dobric.At the end of the Project ,Websites, catalogues of heritage,brochures and boks abour tourism education are gained Initiative/Programme Erasmus + Learning Mobility of Individuals Project title and reference number Hospitality Practice Education in Europe ( 2014-1-TR01-KA102-005149 ) Short description including project objectives and activities (max. 500 characters) This Project is applied in 2015, 14 students of food and beverage services in 10th or 11th classes educated for their departments for four weeks in European countries.The aim of the Project is training of Czech cuisine and classic services parctices . In first two weeks of the Project ,consisted of Theoratical training in a school of hotel managements. The other two weeks consisted of training in the hotel and restaurant. This Project contributed to students who graduated from food and beverage as qualified of tourism with increasing the number of qualified employee.
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