Edirne Nature Sports Club Association

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Active NGO Fields: • Mountaineering • Cycling • Orienteering • Hiking-Trekking • Rock Climbing • Trainings and Seminars • Canoeing • Nature Camps • Skiing • Youth Activities and Events • Project Works and Education-Seminars • Environmental Problems-Ecology-Eco Tourism General Information Our club was founded in Edirne in 2005. With 154 members, hundreds of volunteers and sportsmen, our aim is to hold events and activities designed for or by our members in the field of outdoor sports to attract young people to join sports activities and be more active. We have been quite successful in our attempts to promote wider use of bicycles in the region as a sportive, ecology-friendly, healthy means of transport and managed to achieve high public attendance and awareness. With our Ministry of Education, we have implemented a EU project titled “Two Wheels Much Sugar” in disadvantaged local schools training pupils and parents to cycle safely. Also with Edirne Governorship, Edirne Municipality and EU Info Center, we have been organizing the International Cycling Festival, 7th in 2015. Hundreds of cyclists from neighbouring countries attend the great gathering and enjoy cycling without any restraints. We have also organized some international cycling tours such as “River Danube Tour” (from the source to the destination), “Balkan Countries Tour” and “3 Countries One Vehicle Tour” (cycling to Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria in one day) strengthening our ties with neighbors. We have also taken part in the planning of European Iron Curtain Bike Trail, European Biking Trail in Bulgaria, an exhibition in Netherlands, a festival in Greece attempting to add Edirne to biking tourism routes and we have made huge advances towards out aim. By organizing outdoor events especially in the area of Strandja, vast number and wide range of people get the opportunity to spend valuable time in nature. EDOSK is a registered member of Turkish Federations of Mountaineering, Skiing, Cycling, Orienteering and Canoeing. Moreover, licensed members of EDOSK attend many activities and sport events within the branches mentioned above. Our works not only include the present fields but also cover our efforts to expand the range of our activities and sports. EDOSK is a youth organization too. The club has led and continues to lead and attend many activities and projects related to young people. It is one of the most active associations in the region, especially in terms of European Youth Projects. Dozens of young people have had the opportunity to visit a European country with EDOSK. We have also given opportunities to people who are not registered members, to join activities as guest participants. During all the activities and events our club is dedicated to attract wide range of people and create awareness towards nature. Thus, by taking part in another project, we may well make another huge step towards our ultimate goals for sports, nature, human and sustainability.
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