Increasing the tourist attractiveness of the municipalities of Topolovgrad and Buyukkaristiran through better presentation of the cultural heritage

Project code:CB005.2.21.083
Project call:CB005.2
Priority axis / Specific objective:2.1. Increasing the touristic attractiveness of the cross-border area through better utilisation of natural, cultural and historical heritage and related infrastructure
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:24
Project final contract amount:419332.70 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:21.11.2019
Project end date:20.11.2021
Project intervention field:094 Protection, development and promotion of public cultural and heritage assets
Project summary:

Prоject overall objective is to increase the tourist attractiveness of Buyukkiristiran and Topolovgrad cross-border area through better utilization of cultural heritage and related infrastructure and infrastructure related to culture tourism.
The main project activities are overhaul of the building of Community Centre “Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy - 1894” - Topolovgrad” where are organized national and international events of the cultural calendar of Topolovgrad and repair and equipment of multi-purpose hall in Culture and Art Center and scene for events in Buyukkiristiran. Additional activities are project management, information and publicity, supervision of the construction works and official openings of the sites of intervention.
The project implementation will improve the infrastructure related to culture tourism in Buyukkiristiran and Topolovgrad cross-border area, the cultural heritage of the cross-border region of both neighbouring countries will be popularized, the touristic attractiveness of the area will be increased, sustainable tourism which will ensure good business climate, employment, less poverty, less migration and depopulation will be developed.

Project status: Finished

Results from the implemented activities are the two reconstructed / restored cultural and historical touristic sites in the cross-border area of the two countries. The existing building of Community Centre “Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy 1894” – Topolovgrad was generally restored and in Culture and Art Center in Buyukkaristiran has been done repair and equipment for its multifunctional hall has been delivered.

Both investments allow partners to be able to present their intangible cultural heritage in a more attractive way which is of great advantage for the cross-border area and its cultural heritage.

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Leading partner
Municipality of Topolovgrad, Bulgaria
Municipality of Buyukkiristiran, Turkey