Project code:CB005.2.22.044
Project call:CB005.2
Priority axis / Specific objective:2.2. Increasing the cross-border tourism potential by developing common destinations
Type of project:Soft
Project duration in months:15
Project final contract amount:111666.17 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:18.02.2020
Project end date:17.05.2021
Project intervention field:092 Protection, development and promotion of public tourism assets
Project summary:

The overall goal of the project is the development of Edirne and Yambol as a joint tourist destinations to attract more visitors to the cross-border area and increase the level of tourist revenue. The implementation of the project aims to create a long-term positive effect on the target groups and final beneficiaries in the cross-border region, to increase both the levels of employment and the levels of income that will be received from tourism. The development of tourism in the region in a planned and joint way, the increase of social awareness and educational activities on cultural values ​​and sustainability issues, will contribute to improving the quality of life in both cities and the people of the region. Increasing the tourist capacity of Edirne and Yambol will have a positive impact on the experiences of local and foreign tourists visiting the region. The use of mobile applications will facilitate the tourist activities of local and foreign tourists related to travel in the area. Tourist companies whose knowledge of sustainable tourism will increase with the training program, will analyze customer expectations and work according to their needs.
The project activities include preparation and conducting a promotional tour of travel agencies in BG and TR, training in Yambol, training in Edirne, organizing an event for cleaning and environmental protection.
As a result of the project implementation, a database for tourist and cultural sites in Edirne and Yambol will be created in a joint mobile application for tourist and cultural promotion of Edirne and Yambol. Four tours will be realized in both cities. Awareness of tourism companies for the development of sustainable tourism in Yambol and Edirne will be raised.

Project status: Completed

In order to achieve the project goal - creation of a joint tourist product, joint trainings and tours were carried out for representatives of tourist organizations from the cross-border region Edirne - Yambol. Selected cultural and natural sites, attractions and local customs are included in the mobile application "Tourist attractions and attractions in the cross-border region Bulgaria - Turkey", which will draw attention to the tourist potential of the region and facilitate local and foreign tourists in their travels. The application presents over 100 attractive places for tourism - museums, religious temples, rock churches, medieval fortresses, parks and natural areas, markets, festivals and more.

The Joint Mobile Guide BG-TR mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play.


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