Joint nature protection

Project code:CB005.2.12.116
Project call:CB005.2
Priority axis / Specific objective:1.2. Improving the capacity for nature protection, sustainable use and management of common natural resources through cooperation initiatives in the cross-border area
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:24
Project final contract amount:422540.68 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:14.09.2019
Project end date:13.09.2021
Project intervention field:085 Protection and enhancement of biodiversity, nature protection and green infrastructure
Project summary:

The project focuses on protection of the nature and improvement of the condition of Natura 2000 protected areas and river coastal environment in the cross-border region. The main aim is to improve the conservation status of natural habitats and species in Sungurlare and Süloğlu municipalities through cooperation initiatives.
Sungurlare municipality envisages supply of multifunctional equipment for nature protection - an up-to-date tipper truck, a skid steer loader with mulcher and augers attachments and a garden chipper, necessary for execution of the designated specific activities for nature protection and conservation of natural habitats in Natura 2000 protected areas as soil loosening, cleaning of the territories, afforestation, placement of wooden houses for birds. Municipality of Süloğlu has found the necessity for procurement of a modern excavator and a light dumper truck, needed for cleaning of the Süloğlu stream bed, preparation of an area for afforestation to prevent erosion, improvement of the coastal environment.
A joint awareness event under the motto "Protecting Nature from All" and a joint school-wide campaign for nature protection will be held on both sides of the border.
As a result of the project implementation is expected, the territories in the Natura 2000 protected areas "Kotlenska planina" BG0002029 and "Gorna Luda Kamchia" BG0000136 in Sungurlare to be cleaned and afforested, as well as cleaning of the riverbed of the Sulloglu River and afforestation and improvement of the coastal river environment in the Sulloglu Municipality to be carried out. Through the exchange of know-how between the two municipalities, the awareness of the local population, stakeholders and school students regarding protection of the nature and the sustainable use and management of common natural resources.

Project status: Finished

The project partners have implemented the activities according to the schedule.

As a result from the project implementation, the Municipality of Sungurlare delivered specialized equipment for implementation of the conservation activities on its territory -  for soil loosening and cleaning from bushes Afforestation has been made with 40.000 pieces of Quercus Frainetto and Quercus cerris, as well as placement of 20 wooden houses for birds which nest in the trees, where is their natural habitat.

In Süloğlu, the activities were aimed at improvement of the coastal environment of Süloğlu river. The municipality also delivered specialized equipment   for implementation of the conservation activities on its territory - cleaning of the stream bed, subject to often erosion, and afforestation has been made with 12 000 pieces of rapidly growing willow, ash and plane trees.

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Leading partner
Municipality of Sungurlare, Bulgaria
Municipality of Süloğlu, Turkey