From Past to Present The Power of Folklore

Project code:CB005.2.22.098
Project call:CB005.2
Priority axis / Specific objective:2.2. Increasing the cross-border tourism potential by developing common destinations
Type of project:Soft
Project duration in months:12
Project final contract amount:102176.16 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:24.08.2020
Project end date:24.08.2021
Project intervention field:094 Protection, development and promotion of public cultural and heritage assets
Project summary:

The overall goal of the project is to create a new and sustainable environment for preservation, maintenance and useful use of general and specific cultural activities, crafts, good practices, as well as establishing cooperation for joint activities in the field of cultural heritage and revival of folk traditions. The specific goal of the project is to present the folk, historical and cultural traditions and ethnic diversity in order to provoke the young generation to continue preserving folk art.
The project activities include delivery of a traditional embroidery machine and purchase of new folk costumes and musical instruments for folk groups from Karnobat and Kirklareli, creation of an information center for joint cultural events, organization of concerts of folklore ensembles, organization of seminars on "Folklore - past and present "and visits of the target group for demonstration tours.

Project status: Finished

The project, named “From past to present the power of folklore”, aimed to increase the potential of cross-border tourism by promoting the cultural and heritage assets of both regions and raising the awareness of the people of both regions to protect and develop these assets and values.

The project focused on the preservation and promotion of authentic culture and traditions in the cross-border region. Various activities have been organized to encourage the younger generation to pursue the preservation of folk art. Mutual tourism excursions and activities contributed to regional tourism by discovering and promoting authentic culture in the cross-border region.

In order to achieve the objectives of the project, two seminars on folklore and folk art were held in both Karnobat and Kırklareli provinces – with these seminars, the traditions and ethnic diversity of the people of both countries were introduced in both Karnobat and Kırklareli provinces, and awareness of the preservation and development of these values by both communities was instilled. - Folk dance performances were organized by purchasing equipment and clothes for folk dances. In Bulgaria and Turkey, trips were organized to historical, cultural and touristic points in cross-border regions and the tourism potentials of the regions were introduced and developed. During the implementation of the project, the main target group of the project, especially the well-educated youth, was the citizens of both regions ,the target groups  was reached in the best way.

We have increased the tourist attractiveness of the regions by promoting the natural and cultural heritage in the cross-border region and emphasizing the importance of preserving them. We increased the visibility of the identity of the traditional and national cultures of Bulgaria and Turkey. We pioneered the establishment of lasting friendship relations among all participants. We introduced the attraction centers of both regions.

Thanks to the cooperation and coordination between the project partners and stakeholders, the project was successfully completed and the project goals were achieved.

All project materials and products can be found at the website of the project:


Leading partner
Association Promotion of Employment
Kırklareli Municipality Culture, Art and Sports Club Association