Call for Strategic Project Proposal



Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria

(Managing Authority)

in cooperation with

Directorate for European Union Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye

(National Authority)

Announce on the 12 December 2022 Call for Strategic Project Proposal under the (INTERREG VI-A) IPA Bulgaria Türkiye Programme, with aim to improve the cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Türkiye and to enhance the coordination of the respective authorities to cope with irregular migration on their mandated territories in a cooperative and a solidarity-based manner.

Invites the following eligible Project Partners to submit Strategic Project Proposal:

  • Haskovo Regional Directorate of Ministry of Interior;
  • Governorship of  Edirne;
  • Burgas Regional Directorate of Ministry of Interior;
  • Governorship of Kırklareli;
  • Yambol Regional Directorate of Ministry of Interior.

The overall objective of the (INTERREG VI-A) IPA Bulgaria Türkiye Programme is “To strengthen the territorial cohesion of the Bulgaria-Türkiye cross-border region”. The Programme is co-financed from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance III (IPA III) of the European Union.

The Strategic Project Proposal would have to target:

Priority 3: More secure cross-border region:

  • Interreg specific objective 7.2. “Mobility and migration management”.

The total amount allocated to the Call for Strategic Project Proposal is € 1 730 698.

The programme area for the Strategic Project Proposal is:

  • For Republic of Bulgaria (administrative level NUTS III) – districts of Burgas, Yambol and Haskovo;
  • For Republic of Türkiye (administrative level NUTS III equivalent) – provinces of Edirne and Kırklareli.

The full package of documents, including the Guidelines for Applicants is published and can be found on the following websites:

The deadline for submission of the Strategic Project Proposal is 13 March 2023, 17:00 h. local time in Bulgaria. The Strategic Project Proposal must be submitted entirely in electronic form using the Joint Electronic Monitoring System (Jems):

You can contact the Joint Secretariat of the Programme for additional information:

Main office in Haskovo: tel. +359 38 663 888;

Branch office in Edirne: tel. + 90 284 214 9909.

Application package:

  1. Guidelines for Applicants, including Attachments;
  2. Application Form – available at Jems;
  3. Annexes;
  4. Annex C: Subsidy contract.

Revision of Guidelines for Pre-defined Applicants under the 1st Restricted Call for Strategic Proposal of the Bulgaria-Türkiye Programme 2021-2027

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