Raising tourist attractiveness of Nessebar and Kirklareli through preservation of World Cultural and Natural Heritage

Project code:CB005.1.21.112
Project call:CB005.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:2.1. Increasing the touristic attractiveness of the cross-border area through better utilisation of natural, cultural and historical heritage and related infrastructure
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:24
Project final contract amount:496495.09 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:21.03.2017
Project end date:20.03.2019
Project intervention field:092 Protection, development and promotion of public tourism assets
Project summary:

This projects overall objective is to increase the tourist attractiveness of the  Municipality of Nessebar (Bulgaria) and Municipality of Kirklareli (Turkey) through better use of natural and cultural heritage and related to it infrastructure.

The project envisages activities for reconstruction of a road network – “Mesamvriya” Str., "Metropolitska" Str., “Ribarska” Str., “Mena” Str. in the town of Nessebar and construction of architectural elements and facilities in the “Walldorf” park in the town of Kırklareli. Shaping areas of creativity for street artists, actors and musicians is also planned. The main activity of the partners from Kırklareli (Turkey) is implementation of the second phase of the park "Walldorf" located on the outskirts of the city. Within the project activities the road network will be reconstructed in order to form the main pedestrian routes in the Old Town of Nessebar and in "Walldorf" park in Kırklareli, Turkey is planned construction of architectural elements and equipments - bike trails, outdoor fitness facility and installation of clean solar lighting. The project envisages joint events for the official opening of the completed projects  - happening featuring local artists and artists in Old Nessebar and athletic competition for children in the park built in Kırklareli. Within the project also provides it will be produced promotional video for cultural and natural heritage of the two communities, which will be broadcasted during the scheduled official events and will be distributed in the form of a CD track during project implementation in order to promote the region and attract visitors' interest.

The project implementation will ensure promotion of the cultural-historical and natural heritage in an attractive way. Competitive tourist attractions will be developed within the project and a cultural tourism product in the cross-border region will be popularised.

Project status: Finished

The project partners have implemented the activities according to the schedule.

The idea of ​​this project was born as a natural continuation of the good relations and successful cooperation between the Municipality of Nessebar and the Municipality of Kırklareli. Through the implementation of the project, we aimed to promote the entry of cultural, historical and natural heritage into the modern world, by designing complete architectural ensembles that are attractive to tourists and visited in both cross-border municipalities, and to promote exploration of the natural and cultural heritage through the development of cultural, historical and eco tourism.

After the tender procedures and when the contractor for the works in Nessebar was selected, we held a large groundbreaking ceremony in the presence of partners from the Municipality of Kırklareli, which was widely covered in local and regional media. In the coming months, the main activities set out in the project were carried out - the replacement of the street and sidewalk pavements of the Revival period in the Old Town of Nessebar and the construction of architectural elements and facilities – bicycle roads, open-air gymnastics, installation of solar lighting in Waldorf Park in Kırklareli. To promote the two municipalities, a special advertising film in three languages - English, Bulgarian and Turkish was created, written on 500 DVDs and distributed to public events. At the same time, we again produced and distributed 500 brochures with information about the project and partners in order to promote and visualize it. Finally, after all construction activities were completed, we conducted two official ceremonies, respectively in Kırklareli and Nessebar, for the opening of the reconstructed infrastructure, visited by many citizens, journalists and officials.

Project materials:

Project information boards are available HERE.

Project Leaflet is available HERE.

Project products:

The movie produced under the project is available at the following links on the Youtube channel - BG subtitles: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PjRjDJ2KYo&t=10s and TR subtitles: www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4GweVksyeE&t=34s.


Leading partner
Municipality of Nesebar
Municipality of Kırklareli