Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB005.1.22.166 Development of common cultural tourism destination in the Strandzha (Yildiz)/ Sakar area based on archaeological and historical objects Salted Winds Association Burgas
CB005.1.22.194 Growing UP Festivals with innovative Approaches Association of Promoting and Sustaining of Kirkpinar Culture, Republic of Turkey Edirne
CB005.1.23.010 YOUTH TOUR - Youth networking towards sustainable tourism development English language secondary school "Geo Milev" Burgas
CB005.1.23.017 Virtuial Maritza - Merich Cuisine Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza“ Haskovo
CB005.1.23.020 Let's write fairytale for Burgas and Edirne Daily Kindergarten No: 6 “Valshebstvo“ Burgas
CB005.1.23.033 Joint Network for Common Traditions and Customs in Transborder Area Community Center "Nov Pat" 2011 - Village of Dobrich, Dimitrovgrad Municipality, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.1.23.044 Haskovo and Edirne - cultural and historical destinations Regional Library “Hristo Smirnenski“- Haskovo Haskovo
CB005.1.23.051 Cross-border cooperation network in the field of tourism “Topolovgrad-Pinarhisar” “St.St. Cyril and Methodius - 1894“ Community Centre Haskovo
CB005.1.23.057 Partnership for creative cultural tourism (iCREATE) Burgas Regional Chamber of Skilled Crafts Burgas
CB005.1.23.103 The path of the artist Association Civil Initiative for Social Development and Integration Haskovo
CB005.1.23.107 Path of legends - establishment of new partnerships for development of sustainable cultural-historical tourism Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation center “Alef“, NGO, Burgas, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.1.23.147 Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Stranja-Sakar Tourist Association "Vishegrad" Haskovo
CB005.1.23.182 SUN of Tharace (Savouring the Unique Nature of Thrace) European Integration Agency Haskovo
CB005.2.23.124 Horizon 2100 Trakya Development Agency - Kirklareli Kirklareli
CB005.2.11.035 Suloglu and Sozopol - Informed, Trained, Equipped Municipality of Suloglu, Turkey Edirne
CB005.2.11.067 The European approach to Preventing Fires in the Cross-Border Region - Prevent Fires Communication and Information Systems Directorate (CISD) - Ministry of Interior (MI), Republic of Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.11.113 Joint Initiatives for Flood Resilience аcross Watersheds in CB Region/ FLOOD RESILIENCE Municipality of Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.12.011 UPGRADED PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENT IN EDIRNE AND AYTOS Edirne Special Provincial Administration Edirne
CB005.2.12.012 Joint initiatives for the conservation of zonal European red wood ants facing the danger of extinction DAYKO Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Turkey Kirklareli
CB005.2.12.015 Cross border Maritime Environment Protection - (CbMEP) Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.12.016 Forest health Regionale Forest Directorate, Bourgas, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.12.019 ECO-LABS for Sustainability of Protected Areas and Coastal Environment Municipality of Vize, Turkey Kirklareli
CB005.2.12.024 The Guardians Of Thrace Community Center Nov Pat 2011, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.12.042 Eco-volunteer – Conservation activities for protected area around Burgas and Suloglu through knowledge enhancing and joint initiatives implementation “Vassil Levski” Primary School - Gorno Ezerovo, Bourgas, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.12.073 GREEN FUTURE Regional Forest Directorate Sliven, Bulgaria Yambol
CB005.2.12.075 Revitalization of abandoned dump sites Center for Education and scientific cooperation “Maxima” Yambol, Bulgaria Yambol
CB005.2.12.079 ECO WOMAN - Initiatives to Manage Natural Resources for Better Life Euroclob WOMAN, Bulgaria Yambol
CB005.2.12.085 Common Value Black sea - Let The World Breathe Strandja Ekolojical Life Association, Turkey Kirklareli
CB005.2.12.088 Joint cross-border initiatives for reduction of marine litter in Aegean and Black Sea (Seas without waste) District governorship of Enez, Turkey Edirne
CB005.2.12.108 Eagles Beyond Borders Association of Back to Nature Youth and Sport Club, Turkey Kirklareli