Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB005.2.23.013 Cultural treasure house Regional Museum of History - Haskovo Haskovo
CB005.2.23.014 The life giving force of Strandzha Mountain Association with non-profit aim Horizonti Burgas
CB005.2.23.022 CRAFTS - NETWORK for joint initiatives for their protection, promotion and turning them into tourist attractions Lalapasa Union for Delivering Services to Villages, Turkey Edirne
CB005.2.23.026 Harman - the tourist station for culture and history of the nations Association “The Business for Harmanli”, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.23.030 Public awareness initiatives for sustainable use of parks and forests Association Civil Society for Development of Local Government - Yambol Yambol
CB005.2.23.038 Odrin- Burgas Youth Tourist Hub Edrine Youth and Education Association Edirne
CB005.2.23.045 The Colours Association Civil Initiative for Social Development and Integration, Ivaylovgrad, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.23.051 Thracian traditions without borders Thracian association Yani Popov - Sozopol Burgas
CB005.2.23.056 TRIP - Tourism & Religion- Integrated People District Governorship of Suloglu Edirne
CB005.2.23.064 Grandma’s Chest – Journey in the Land of Customs of Bourgas and Edirne Valshebstvo Kindergarten Burgas
CB005.2.23.070 Regional tourist brand for sustainable tourism Association Envisimo World, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.3.12.001 Cross-border Regions Collaborate for BLUE GROWTH (BLUE GROWTH COLLABs) Prof. D-r Asen Zlatarov University of Burgas Burgas