Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB005.1.11.005 Increasing the operational capacity for forest fires and improving prevention of disasters Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection - Ministry of interior Haskovo
CB005.1.11.006 Intelligent strategic cross-border development for response in case of major natural and man-made hazards and disasters - ISeC Kirklareli Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate, Turkey Kirklareli
CB005.1.11.084 Improving the capacity of municipalities of Alpullu and Topolovgrad for prevention and mitigation the consequences of floods in the Aegean basin Municipality of Topolovgrad Haskovo
CB005.1.11.162 Joint actions for fire fighting Municipality of Uskup Kirklareli
CB005.1.11.165 Prevention and minimization of the Risks for the Environment and Vision for iNnovative Tools /PREVENT/ Municipality of Dimitrovgrad Haskovo
CB005.1.12.008 Developing the waste management capacity for saving the nature Municipality of Madzharovo Haskovo
CB005.1.12.024 Protection of sustainable FOREst eCosystems in Strandja/Yildiz mountain under climate changeS conditions - FORECAST Regional Forest Directorate Bourgas Burgas
CB005.1.12.025 ORCHIS - Orchids researches, conservation and habitats in Strandzha Demirköy Forestry Kirklareli
CB005.1.12.082 Joint students' initiatives from cross-border regions addressing nature protection in Strandja Mountain “Vassil Levski“ Primary School of Bourgas, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.1.12.087 United cross border initiatives for protection of environment of the Bulgaria - Turkey area. Edirne Special Administration of Province Edirne
CB005.1.12.115 Measures for conservation and restoration of natural heritage in Bourgas and Enez District Governorship Burgas Burgas
CB005.1.12.135 Preparation and promotion of the process of development of European ecological network NATURA2000 in Istranca Mountain Nature Park SAKAR - (NP SAKAR) - NGO Haskovo
CB005.1.12.149 GREEN: Growth, Responsibility, partnErship, Ecology, Nature Municipality of Pinarhisar Kirklareli
CB005.1.12.153 Improvement of the capacity for nature protection by enhancement of the cooperation between young environmentalists in Bolyarovo – Kofcaz municipalities Project Youth Non-governmental organization Bolyarovo Yambol
CB005.1.21.099 Yambol and Edirne - two cities on Tundzha Yambol municipality Yambol
CB005.1.21.112 Raising tourist attractiveness of Nessebar and Kirklareli through preservation of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Municipality of Nesebar Burgas
CB005.1.21.128 Promotion of The Historic, Cultural And Touristic Treasures of Edirne and Nessebar Municipality of Edirne Edirne
CB005.1.21.139 TOGETHER: Common cultural and historical heritage beyond the borders Regional historical museum Burgas Burgas
CB005.1.21.167 Increasing attractiveness of municipalities Topolovgrad and Inece as ecotourism destinations Municipal Historical Museum - Topolovgrad Haskovo
CB005.1.22.011 Culinary Neighborhood Network (CuliN) Association BIO NETWORK (BIONET) Burgas
CB005.1.22.055 Joint Initiative for promotion of Bulgaria –Turkey cross-border region as an attractive tourism destination - JOINT TOUR Bourgas Regional Tourist Association Burgas
CB005.1.22.056 Strandja/Yildiz -the mountain of festivals (STRANDJA-FEST) National Community Center Prosveta 1914 Burgas
CB005.1.22.063 Support for promotion of sustainable tourism The Association for Promoting Edirne and Tourism of Edirne Edirne
CB005.1.22.134 One Destination Two Countries Uzunkopru Chamber of Commerce and Industry Edirne
CB005.1.22.166 Development of common cultural tourism destination in the Strandzha (Yildiz)/ Sakar area based on archaeological and historical objects Salted Winds Association Burgas
CB005.1.22.194 Growing UP Festivals with innovative Approaches Association of Promoting and Sustaining of Kirkpinar Culture Edirne
CB005.1.23.017 Virtuial Maritza - Merich Cuisine Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza“ Haskovo
CB005.1.23.020 Let's write fairytale for Burgas and Edirne Daily Kindergarten No: 6 “Valshebstvo“ Burgas
CB005.1.23.044 Haskovo and Edirne - cultural and historical destinations Regional Library “Hristo Smirnenski“- Haskovo Haskovo
CB005.1.23.051 Cross-border cooperation network in the field of tourism “Topolovgrad-Pinarhisar” Project “St.St. Cyril and Methodius - 1894“ Community Centre Haskovo