Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB005.2.12.112 Save the Nature to Save the Future Meric Chamber of Agriculture, Edirne, Turkey Edirne
CB005.2.12.116 Joint nature protection Municipality of Sungurlare, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.21.001 Our historical heritage Municipality of Primorsko, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.21.006 Promote and Affect Tourism through History /PATH/ Mineralni Bani Municipality Haskovo
CB005.2.21.018 ANCIENT WHISPER – CREATIVE RESONANCE Municipality of Sredets, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.21.046 ROADS to the Sustainable Tourism Kameno Municipality, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.21.052 Joint Actions to Regain ATTRACTIVEness in the CBC Area (More Attractive) Municipality of Uzunkopru, Turkey Edirne
CB005.2.21.059 Living Ancient Towns - Asagipinar and Rusokastro Kirklareli District Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Turkey Kirklareli
CB005.2.21.063 Cross-Thrace Connection KESHAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, Turkey Edirne
CB005.2.21.071 Accessible heritage - Cultural Assets Based Sustainable Tourism (CAST) Kaynarca Municipality Kirklareli
CB005.2.21.074 Increasing the tourist attractiveness in the municipalities of Mineralni Bani and Pehlivankoy Association “Centre for Development of Mineralni Bani Municipality”, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.21.080 Cycling routes in Kirklareli and Tsarevo Kırklareli Special Provincial Administration Kirklareli
CB005.2.21.081 PathwaYs of bOrderless cUlTure and History - YOUTH Association "Together for Svilengrad" Haskovo
CB005.2.21.083 Increasing the tourist attractiveness of the municipalities of Topolovgrad and Buyukkaristiran through better presentation of the cultural heritage Municipality of Topolovgrad, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.21.084 Dancing with the Birds Municipality of Madzharovo, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.21.086 Traditions - yesterday, today and tomorrow Municipality of Pomorie, Bulgaria Burgas
CB005.2.21.090 Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Pehlivankoy and Sredets Municipality of Pehlivankoy, Turkey Kirklareli
CB005.2.21.092 Roads to the heritage Tsarevo Municipality Burgas
CB005.2.21.103 The Tree of Life Municipality of Inece, Turkey Kirklareli
CB005.2.21.107 Bulgarian-Turkish Partnership in tourism for better utilisation of natural, cultural and historical heritage of the bordering regions Municipaity of Merich Edirne
CB005.2.21.114 Improving the conditions for access to natural, cultural and tourist sites by creating zones for tourism and recreation in the village Lambuh, municipality of Ivaylovgrad and Kesan Municipality of Ivaylovgrad Haskovo
CB005.2.21.123 Revival of Ancient Historical and Cultural Corridors Municipality of Harmanli, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.22.010 Alternative types of tourism - a prerequisite for increasing the sustainability of the tourism business in the cross-border region Burgas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Burgas
CB005.2.22.058 Promotion and Development of Eco-Tourism Potential and Opportunities between Burgas Region and Kırklareli Province Kladara Foundation Burgas
CB005.2.22.093 Increasing the cross-border tourism potential between Haskovo and Edirne (CrossTour) Association for Regional Social and Economic Development, Bulgaria Haskovo
CB005.2.22.098 From Past to Present The Power of Folklore Association Promotion of Employment Burgas
CB005.2.23.003 Cross- border Network for Accessible Tourism Club of the Handicapped with Physical Disabilities- Haskovo Haskovo
CB005.2.23.004 Sozopol and Edirne - united for culture and tourism Municipal Institute of Culture Museum Center - Sozopol Burgas
CB005.2.23.007 Legends without borders Center for jewish-bulgarian cooperation Alef Burgas